5 Outdated Tips and Their Modern Truths

Monday Jul 04th, 2022


There are many real estate myths out there that need to be debunked!
Here are five pieces of real estate advice to IGNORE: 

MYTH: Spring is the best time to sell. 
FACT: The best time to sell is when you're ready. Don't rush a major decision when there are perks to selling your home at all times throughout the year. 

MYTH: FSBO saves you money. 
FACT: Real estate agents are experienced and knowledgeable about home pricing. A good agent can help you get more ROI on your investment.

MYTH: Higher price = higher offer.
FACT: Pricing your home accurately will generate interest among the right buyers, and may even lead to a competitive bid and higher offer price!

MYTH: Open houses sell homes.
FACT: Open houses can be a helpful tool, but your agent should have a broader marketing strategy that also includes social and digital marketing. 

MYTH: The first offer is always the best offer. 
FACT: Lots of factors come into play here -- contingencies, closing date, down payment amount. Review all the terms of every offer -- don't just pick the highest offer price.

The truth is, the Winnipeg Real Estate market is ever-changing, and the BEST way to buy or sell a home is however you are comfortable with!

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