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Do I Need a Home Inspection when Buying a New Home?

Tuesday Feb 08th, 2022


Many buyers wonder whether or not they really need a home inspection when purchasing a house, and the answer is yes, you should absolutely get a home inspection because this will prevent you from getting burned.

It is quite common for people to forgo a home inspection in today’s market, as this can make their offer more appealing, but this is a huge risk and is only favourable for the seller. A gamble of this magnitude can cost you time and money later, but you can avoid these headaches with a home inspection. This will prevent you from having to deal with expensive and unexpected problems, and you won’t have to rely on the seller to disclose this information. The reality is that sellers will not always be honest, and in many cases, it’s simply because they genuinely do not know what’s wrong with the house. Regardless of whether they are unaware or just don’t want to share this information, you should not rely on the seller and should turn to an impartial expert who can properly evaluate the house.

A home inspection is the only way you will get an honest opinion, as the inspector will evaluate the interior and exterior of your structure to detect any problems or areas of concern. They will check all electrical outlets, switches, and breaker panels and flush toilets and turn on faucets to ensure they are working properly. They will open and close the windows, check the walls, ceilings, and floors for any defects, and check the basement and foundation for water leakage.

Additionally, a home inspector will also check out the attic and crawl spaces to assess insulation and will inspect the heating and cooling systems along with the roof. They will then present you with the results, and their information will help you make an informed decision regarding the house and whether or not you should continue with this purchase. They may not be able to see every little problem because they will not rip up the floors or see behind walls, but they will find serious issues that can be very problematic, and you will be aware of the severity and extent of the damage.

Your real estate agent will be able to provide you with a list of home inspectors, and you can choose anyone from this list, or you can ask your family and friends for a recommendation. The choice is yours, and Martin Marques can provide you with more information. Working with a reputable relator is a must, and that’s where we come in. We have access to all of the listings in the Winnipeg, River Heights, Royalwood, Sage Creek, St. Vital, Charleswood and St. James areas, and whether you are looking for houses for sale or a townhouse, we can help, so contact us today!

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