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Tips to get More Resell Value from Your Home

Tuesday Feb 08th, 2022


There are many things you can do to increase the resale value of your home, and certain improvements will make a world of difference, so it is a must that you concentrate on the following:

Kitchen Renovations

Potential buyers will definitely notice your kitchen and the condition that it’s in. A new, updated kitchen will automatically increase the value of your house, as this is a room that is used daily and often, and its renovation will enhance the overall look and feel of your house.

Bathroom Renovations

Old bathrooms that are outdated will decrease the value of your house and will hold you back from getting the best resale value from your home. Potential buyers will have to factor bathroom renovations into their budget and will not want to spend as much on the home, which would be a major disadvantage.

Fresh Paint

This is a simple step that is very easy to do, so repaint the interior and exterior of your home as this will transform the entire property. A fresh coat of paint will elevate the appearance of your home, which would make it more valuable.

Update Your Décor

This, too, will improve the appearance of your home, so take a look at your décor and update this aspect. Make sure you select universally appealing elements because not everyone will share your taste, so you don’t want to choose décor pieces that are too specific.


This is a must, and every real estate agent will emphasize the importance of this step. A cluttered home is uninviting and unpleasant, and your home will be undesirable as a result. Remove junk and unnecessary items, as this will open up your space and will make it feel bigger.

Finish Your Basement

This will provide you and potential buyers with additional living space, so it will definitely increase the value of your property. Buyers will be interested in the house a lot more as a result of your finished basement.

Replace the Roof

An old roof can cause buyers to walk away because they may not want to deal with a replacement as soon as they move in. Changing your roof before listing your property is a great idea as you would be able to increase your asking price, and the same is true for windows and doors, as this type of renovation would generate longer-term value. These improvements will generate the highest return on your investment, so they are worth considering.

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